Here at MRI All-In-One Education, "Happy Scanning" isn't just a phrase, its our goal.  How is it achieved?

We're glad you asked.

Our   motto,   your   future.

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Who is he you ask? A man with 30 years of experience? A technologist that has never made a mistake in his life? The owner of 20 imaging facilities and the creator of the MRI registry examination? An MRI prophet that can perform the most complex scans with minimal effort and both hands tied behind his back?

Not at all...

His name is Josh Van Den Bossche, and he is a human being just like you. He started his career in the medical field studying nursing, but decided that it wasn't the profession that would allow him to express both his love for people and his love for art. Through soul-searching and a long academic career, he found his love and passion for creating quality medical images  with a career in diagnostic imaging.

He has a five year bachelors degree in diagnostic imaging, an associates degree in social sciences, he is licensed in both radiography and magnetic resonance imaging, and he completed his bachelor's degree and diagnostic imaging corriculum with a perfect 4.0 GPA.  Ohh yea, and he ACED his MRI registry exam.

He is very happy with his career choice , and wants to share this happiness with other prospective students. He takes pride in his accomplishments  and seeks to provide his academic expertise to those seeking a career in this field as well. Join the crew and be on your way to scanning... happily.


The educational resources  provided by MRI All-In-One Education are the combined efforts of multiple parties.  The components  of this website, (free resources, members forum, study guide, practice questions/quizzes, and mock exams) were made possible through the  hard work and implementation of various individuals, entities , organizations, and companies... Welcome to the future of MRI exam preparation... now enough about us, lets get you scanning.

Can the man behind the magnet take all of the credit for the amazing resources provided on this awesome website? 

Ofcourse not.